Gerber Blade Money Clip

Some days call for a slimmer carry than your everyday load out — forcing you to leave behind the junk that typically bulks up your pockets — but that doesn't mean you should leave the house completely unprepared. With the Gerber Blade Money Clip you get a portable alternative for carrying a few cards and some cash with a small built-in knife that would make a boy scout proud. Made from a titanium-nitride-coated steel body with a G10 front plate, this money clip is capable of holding up to five cards at a time. The blade slips into the money clip, disguised by its less than four-inch length, and it still manages to weigh less than a quarter of a pound.

  • Baladeo Float Knife

    No one likes losing their favorite gear at the bottom of a river, lake, or ocean when they set out on the water — there are few things more depressing than watching something slowly sink beyond your reach. But with the Baladeo Float Knife ($26) you won't have to worry about that, thanks to its buoyant cork construction. Perfect for fishermen, canoeists, or for any guy who finds himself near the water more often than not, this knife just won't sink. With a single folding blade and an integrated key-ring, this minimal knife is exactly what you need the next time you're on a boat.

  • Ka-Bar Hobo Knife

    Forget packing a whole slew of silverware when you head out into the wilderness — all you really need is this Ka-Bar Hobo Knife ($19). Like any quality transient tool, it packs multiple uses into a single punch, as it contains a fork, knife, and spoon all into a single stainless steel package, sliding apart for when you find some excellent dumpster fare are ready to eat, and transforming back into a pocket-friendly shape when you're on the move. It even comes with a nylon carrying case to keep it safe when it's in your bag/bindle.

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