Gina Smart Coffee Instrument

The perfect brew can take a lot of equipment and experience. For those of you who are lacking both, the Gina Smart Coffee Instrument is what your morning routine needs. A specially designed valve gives you three brewers in one, allowing you to easily switch between pour-over, immersion and cold drip. The built-in smart scale has bluetooth technology to connect to your phone, allowing you to keep track all of your measurements until you find the ideal ration. For the beginner baristas, the app will not only collect your personal data, but will also link you up with a community of coffee experts to help guide you though the process. Available in polished steel and a white or black powder coated finish.

  • Toasteroid Toaster

    Whether you're making an accompaniment to your morning meal or adding an extra bit of crunch to a sandwich, the Toasteroid Toaster makes burning your bread far more fun. Inside its die-cast aluminum body is a series of microfilaments that let you toast graphics, messages, or nearly anything else you want right into your bread, from emojis to the day's weather forecast. Of course, it also lets you set your preferred darkness, and even preview it in the app — no more mysterious dials to fiddle with. The full size version lets you toast and print on two slices at a time, while the Mini can still toast two slices simultaneously, but can only print on one. No word on how it works with Pop Tarts or Eggos.

  • Oxo Strive Advance Bottle

    Let's face it, you're more active during the summer months, and that means you need to think about hydration more than ever. The Oxo Strive Advance Bottle features a narrow opening at the top for sipping and a larger opening below that is designed for filling with ice. The lid is tethered to the bottle with a coated stainless steel cable, making it easy to lug around to the beach, the gym, or on your next hike. It holds up to 24 oz and is safe to load into the dishwasher after a day of keeping your hydration in check.

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