Grenade Grips

Whether you've hit a wall in your workouts or just want to maximize the precious gym time you've carved out of your busy schedule, Grenade Grips can help. Designed to slip over the handle of your dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, or any other surface you grip during a workout, these circular add-ons force you to use both more and different muscles than you would with a traditional open-hand grip. The result is a more effective workout, whether you're doing crossfit, traditional weightlifting, or just body weight-reliant calisthenics.

  • Withings Body Cardio Scale

    No one wants to go to the doctor's office every morning. With the Withings Body Cardio Scale, you get a lot of the same benefits without the hassle. This 0.7-inch piece of aluminum and glass can measure and analyze a host of data about your health, including weight, BMI, fat, muscle, water, and bone mass percentages, and standing heart rate. It's also the world's first home scale with the ability to measure Pulse Wave Velocity, a measurement of arterial stiffness and a key indicator of cardiovascular health. In other words, it can provide a very early warning if you're putting yourself at risk for maladies like hypertension, high cholesterol, organ failure, stroke, and heart attack, all without having to leave your house.

  • Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

    Working out with a personal trainer to guide you is generally better than going it alone. The Vi Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer gives you the same benefits as a real trainer in a device that fits around your neck. Using sensors in the neckband, attached earphones, and your smartphone, it knows your elevation, heart rate, cadence, speed, and location, and gives you voice feedback as you workout. It also responds to your voice commands, and since the earbuds were developed in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, they sound great, too.

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