Grill Comb

Nope, it's not some newfangled gadget for grooming the crust of past meals off your grates. Instead, the Grill Comb ($11/2-pack) is a multi-pronged grilling tool designed to replace the traditional skewer by giving you direct access to every morsel of grilled goodness, without the need to trist, pull, or otherwise mutilate your food trying to get it off the spear. Made from food-grade stainless steel, it's also reusable, dishwasher safe, and at a foot long, can handle plenty of food.

  • Darwin Briefcase BBQ

    Are you going to work, or a cookout? No one will know the difference as long as you dress the part and carry a Darwin Briefcase BBQ (£25; roughly $40). Designed to look like a briefcase from the outside, this portable grill opens up to form a triangular platform for the grate and ash pan, yet still offers enough room to cook 3-4 burgers at a time. Grilling tool set disguised as an umbrella not included.

  • City Boy Grill

    Hey, look! Someone turned a Mac Cube into a grill! Okay, so that's not quite true, but there's certainly some similarity between Apple's failed experiment and the City Boy Grill ($230). Measuring 7.1" square and 8.7" tall, it's powered by a 225g standard gas cartridge, and features a simple +/- control knob on the front, a powdercoated steel body, stainless steel grates, and a built-in stainless steel and oak handle.

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