Grill Tray

Grill Tray

Use your grill for more than just burning meat with this Grill Tray ($50) from Williams-Sonoma. Made from a patented heat-conducting aluminum alloy, the 16.5-inch tray is great for cooking dishes like nachos or fajitas, and its pewter-like looks make it a suitable serving dish as well. Go forth and cook.

  • Grillworks Grill

    If you're in need of a hardcore grill that can take anything you can throw at it, check out The Grillworks. Handmade in the USA, this wood-burning beast has a large grill area (18" deep by 42" wide) that can be cranked up or down with an old-school cast aluminum wheel for added heat control. It has slanted V-Channels that capture tasty juices for post-grill prep, and is also available with a built-in motorized rotisserie rack, or with two independently moving grill surfaces. For smaller spaces, order The Grillery, the 20-inch little brother of The Grillworks. And don't forget the wood.

  • New York Hot Dog Vendor Cart

    Whether you're into Big Apple nostalgia or just happen to love hot dogs, this New York Hot Dog Vendor Cart ($5,500) is sure to make your day. Made of food-grade 18-gauge stainless steel, the cart features two 20" pneumatic wheels, two handles, three removable steamer trays (that can each hold up to 20 hot dogs or sausages), a propane tank hookup (which provides fuel for the dual burner assembly), an integrated 3,000 cubic inch cooler, and a removable umbrella.

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