Grillo Portable Grill

Take it to the campground, the ball game, or anywhere else there's meat to be charred. The Grillo Portable Grill is made to be moved. The light-weight barbecue folds up like an umbrella in a single movement to be easily be transported to any location. The tripod legs and flower-petal cook top open up to create a sturdy, level surface, even on uneven terrain. A stainless-steel mesh "Fire-Hammock" can handle wood or charcoal and allows the fuel to be ignited from the bottom to reduce burns. The webbed texture allows air to flow for a quick heat time, while keeping the frame cool to the touch. When you're done, some water and light scrubbing makes the cleanup as painless as the setup.

  • Big Green Egg MiniMax Grill

    Get all the legendary cooking prowess in a more manageable size with the Big Green Egg MiniMax Grill. This diminutive grill stands less than 20" tall, yet still manages to pack 133 square inches of cooking area inside, and uses the same patented air flow system to give you precise control over temps, whether you're grilling, smoking, or baking. It's also made from the same high-quality ceramics as its bigger siblings, so it's built to last, but still weighs nearly 100 lbs — making it less "portable" and more "movable" than its size would suggest.

  • Traeger Pro Series Grill

    16 burgers or 24 hot dogs is a lot of food. The Traeger Pro Series Grill can handle that on its extra rack. It has a digital controller with "Advanced Grilling Logic" that uses an auger to move pellets from the hopper to the firepot as needed to keep the temperature within a +/- 15 degree range, ensuring precision. It has dual probes to keep tabs on your meat's internal temperature, and a convection fan to circulate the smoke from the firepot throughout the cooking chamber, eliminating hotspots and boosting efficiency. The main grilling area can hold as many as 9 racks of ribs, and the sawhorse-style chassis gives you a stable base of operation no matter how much food you're cooking.

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