Grobo Indoor Garden

Whether you plan on growing your own produce or would like to cut down on your trips to the dispensary, the Grobo Indoor Garden has you covered. This all-in-one tower is designed to make caring for your plants as simple as possible. Using nutrient capsules stored in the bottom, it automatically makes sure to feed and water your plant as needed, while the 63 LEDs make sure it gets enough light and the temperature and humidity control keep conditions optimal. The fluid glass can turn from clear to opaque in seconds, giving you the ability to view your plant while still giving them the right amount of darkness, and a carbon filter keeps even the most pungent smells from seeping into your living space.

  • BeastGrip Phone Camera Rig

    It doesn't matter what kind of phone you have: your photos and videos would no doubt benefit from external lenses and other gear. The BeastGrip Phone Camera Rig lets you accessorize as much as you need. The adjustable frame works with nearly any phone, providing a standard 37mm threaded lens and filter mount, compatible with a wide variety of add-ons, notably the included wide angle and fisheye lenses. There's also a cold shoe for attaching lights and mics, and five standard threaded mounts for tripods, stabilizers, sliders, and other supportive accessories.

  • Sense Home Energy Monitor

    There are plenty of smart thermostats on the market, aimed at helping you save on your bills. But your furnace isn't the only thing sucking up energy. The Sense Home Energy Monitor tracks every appliance, light, and electronic to help create a more efficient home. It connects to your electric panel and collects current sensors that are sent to your main breaker from the different devices plugged into your house. It then itemizes your usage on their smartphone app to let you know where all of your energy is going. The monitor will even let you know how your household stacks up against your neighbors, if your garage door is open, when the dryer is done, and the embarrassing amount of hours you spent binging on Netflix this week.

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