Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Spending extra money on organic fair trade coffee isn't a bad thing. When some of that money goes to help animals in need, it's even better. Grounds & Hounds Coffee offers a range of tasty blends, as well as single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Papau New Guinea. And with every purchase you make, the company gives 20% of the proceeds to no-kill rescue organizations that provide safe haven for dogs in between homes, giving them a second chance while you get your second wind.

  • Seaworth Single Fin Sludge Cold Brew Coffee

    We'd be the first to admit that "sludge" isn't typically the type of word we like associated with our drinks, but in the case of Seaworth Single Fin Sludge Cold Brew Coffee, we'll gladly make an exception. This thick, concentrated cold brew offers tons of coffee bean flavor with minimal acid, giving it a rich buttery taste that's great over ice or warmed up. And thanks to a caffeine content that's nearly four times higher than a regular cup of coffee, you won't be needing another glass nearly as often.

  • Jiva Coffee Cubes

    Do you have access to hot water or milk? Then you have access to coffee — provided you remembered to pack yourself some Jiva Coffee Cubes. Made from premium Colombian Arabica beans and unrefined cane sugar, these compressed cubes are available in five flavors, and are ready to use anywhere you can find hot water. Just drop the cube in, wait 30 seconds, stir, and enjoy. Great for hiking, camping, or when traveling to remote regions where the best coffee available comes from McDonalds.

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