Guitar Hero for iPhone

Guitar Hero for iPhone

Rock your way to (virtual) stardom where ever you might roam with Guitar Hero for iPhone ($3). This pocketable version of the console music game features a unique interface that lets you tap, strum, whammy, and slide your way through each song, with six included tracks from the likes The Rolling Stones, Weezer, Vampire Weekend, and The White Stripes, with tons more available from within the app — for a price. Our advice would be to get some practice in while you can, before you start attracting even more attention to yourself with that shiny new iPhone 4.

  • Mixr

    As if you really needed yet another reason to pick up an iPad this weekend, along comes Mixr ($TBA). This multi-touch DJ mixing app for the upcoming Jesus tablet offers a virtual dual turntable main interface, allowing for scratching, reverse play, tempo and pitch adjustment, live EQ and effects, the ability to record your mixes, and the ability to cue tracks. Paired with a drool-worthy library and search interface, it's bound to become the new go-to mobile app for amateur and professional DJs alike.

  • Secret Contacts

    Whether you're pulling double-agent duty or simply trying to keep the identity of your "hoes in different area codes" away from prying eyes, Secret Contacts ($2) can help. Masquerading as an innocuous tip calculator on your iPhone's home screen, this little black book shows its true colors when you enter a secret bill amount into the calculator. Just make sure your significant other isn't an Uncrate reader, in which case this won't be nearly as sneaky as you think.

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