Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory

As we've been reminded countless times by older family members, football used to be a grittier, tougher game than it is now — and for proof of that you need look no further than the photography of Neil Leifer. Guts and Glory ($30) brings Leifer's most powerful images together in a single tome, nearly 300 pages in length, and accompanied by captions that put everything into perspective. A perfect coffee table book for your upcoming fantasy draft cookout/drink fest.

  • Max100

    Almost 25 years since it debuted, the original Air Max 1 was not only the first Nike with a visible air pocket, but was also designed by an honest-to-goodness architect. And the only person who might love the Air Max 1 more than us is Matt Stevens. Last year, he decided to create a visual interpretation (drawing, painting, pancake, air freshener, what have you) of the sneaker every day for a month. Now, he's bundling all of those up and doing 40 new ones for Max100 ($50). The art book for sneakerheads features exactly 100 illustrations of the greatest running shoe of all time.

  • Mob Rules

    Their business ventures might cross the lines of legality more often than not, but that doesn't mean mobsters aren't smart — on the contrary, some of the greatest business minds of the last century were members of the Cosa Nostra. Mob Rules ($17) examines the best practices of these underground giants to find strategies that work — legally — in the real world. Written by a former Gambino associate and legitimate ex-con, it's a chunk of wisdom no business owner should be without.

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