Hammarhead Motorcycles

Hammarhead Motorcycles

Designed to evoke the spirit of the lean, powerful motorcycles of the 1950s, Hammarhead Motorcycles ($9,500-$18,500) are affordable, hand-built, rugged rides. Available in three models — the Royal Enfield Electra X-based Woodsman, the Triumph Scrambler-based Jack Pine (pictured), and the Royal Enfield Bullet-based Volta — these simple, sleek machines are quieter than your average chopper, making them perfectly suited to modern urban environments. In other words, chances of waking up neighbors with your late-night Taco Bell runs go way, way down. [Thanks, Jeremy]

  • Falcon Bullet Motorcycle

    Custom-built over the course of 1,000+ hours and sporting more hand-made fine details than we could possibly list here, the only bad thing we can say about the Falcon Bullet Motorcycle ($TBA) is that it's going to be impossible to get your hands on it — unless, of course, Jason Lee decides to put it up for sale. This custom Triumph began with a derelict frame and engine cases from a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird, and features modifications like a 750cc engine made specifically for this machine, a vintage brass lucas tail light, handlebars and levels hand carved from solid rounds of stainless steel and shaped to contour the gas tank during agressive turns, a hand made leather seat, and a stretched frame for a longer stance.

  • Vyrus 987 C3 4V

    Even if titles like "Most Powerful Production Motorcycle in the World" don't last forever, earning one at all is quite an achievement. The current title holder is the Vyrus 987 C3 4V ($70,000 and up). Ditching traditional front forks for a unique design that's steered via a center hub, the C3 4V claims its title through a combination of an ultralight curb weight of only 339 lbs. and a Ducati-made, supercharged 1198cc V-twin engine pumping out 211 horsepower. Add in an agressive body, jet fighter-inspired lights and dashboards, and world-class Brembo brakes, and you've got one exclusive two-wheeled rocket.

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