Handyman In-Your-Pocket

Handyman In-Your-Pocket

Handyman In-Your-Pocket ($10) is the ultimate reference guide for the do-it-yourself home owner. While some might need a magnifying glass to read it, this back-pocket book packs in 768 pages with essential info on carpentry, roofing, rope, pipes, pumps, bolts, lumber, welding, tools, electrical, conversion factors, and tons more. It's used by professional contractors, builders and handymen across the nation, so you can be sure the guide is full of valuable details.

  • American Hair Metal

    Whether you were a member of the metal movement or hated everything about it, you have to admit it was a pretty fascinating phenomenon. American Hair Metal by Steven Blush ($16) takes a fun look at these spandex warriors through interview quotes and pictures from their heyday, taken by photographers such as Frank White and Eddie Malluk. The perfect coffee table book for the closet Crue lover in your life.

  • Cube Chic

    Is your little slice of office heaven (i.e. your cube) a little on the dull side? Interior designer Kelley Moore thinks she has the solution to change that via her book Cube Chic ($16). You can draw from this book ideas to transform your three or four square cloth walls into cube designs ranging from Tiki to Zen. [via]

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