Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill

Is it a grill? A smoker? Actually, it's a little of both. The adorably plain Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill ($1,000) offers direct and indirect heat grilling, a charcoal oven, and a smoker in a powder-coated cold-rolled steel box. A ventless hood traps smoke and heat, a heat deflector feature forces natural convection cooking, and an adjustable lift makes it simple to control the heat level and cooking method. When it's time to start the fire, just remove the firebox to get it going, and open the access door to add wood or charcoal as needed. Just think of it as a one-stop shop for all your summertime cooking needs.

  • Grill Clips

    Keep your veggies in check when you're grilling them up with Grill Clips ($15/4-pack). These smart metal clips pack enough holding power to grip entire groups of asparagus, zucchini, green onions, peppers, and pretty much any other food you can think of that's prone to rolling around and/or potentially falling through the grate to a fiery doom. [via]

  • Darwin Briefcase BBQ

    Are you going to work, or a cookout? No one will know the difference as long as you dress the part and carry a Darwin Briefcase BBQ (£25; roughly $40). Designed to look like a briefcase from the outside, this portable grill opens up to form a triangular platform for the grate and ash pan, yet still offers enough room to cook 3-4 burgers at a time. Grilling tool set disguised as an umbrella not included.

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