Hephaestus Patio Pro

Forget filling your deck or patio with various outdoor cooking tools, and instead just order up a Hephaestus Patio Pro. Made in the USA from 304 stainless steel, this multi-function wonder features a top chamber that you can use for barbequing and smoking, a middle chamber that functions as a wood-fired pizza oven — with cooking times in the minutes thanks to support for temperatures over 700 degrees — and a bottom chamber that holds the height-adjustable firebox, and which converts into a fire pit. Other than chairs, a table, and maybe a cooler, it's the only thing your backyard needs.

  • Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven Station

    Cooking pizzas in a standard oven can be an absolute pain — none of them get quite hot enough to char the crust or properly melt the cheese — and you can forget about cooking them on your outdoor grill. But with the Kalamazoo Outdoor Pizza Oven Station you can independently adjust the top and bottom gas burners, letting you perfectly hone the temperature up to points most ovens could never reach. The station also includes a complete prep area, with plenty of storage to hold all your pizza-making tools. It comes with every tool you'd ever need to make delicious Neapolitan-style pies, including a spatula, brush, dough trays, and more.

  • Pit Barrel Cooker

    Get perfectly cooked meat in less time with the Pit Barrel Cooker. Built around a 30 gallon steel drum, this "vertical cooker" combines the qualities of a smoker and a slow cooker, resulting in flavorful, tender meat without the need to constantly check on the temperature or smoke levels. Included in the kit are the drum, eight stainless steel hooks and two steel hanging rods for hanging cuts of meat, a charcoal basket, a grill grate, a wooden hook remover, a stand, and two packs of delicious rubs.

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