Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes

Make yourself a drink and chill it at the same time with Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes. These pre-mixed ice cubes contain all the ingredients you need to make a tasty cocktail. Just freeze them, and when it's time for a drink, add one cube for every shot of liquor you're having. Our favorite is the Cooper, a blood orange and ginger old-fashioned meant for use with bourbon. There are also two mixes that go great with vodka or tequila — the Clyde, which blends peach flavors with herbs and bitters, and Cecile, ideal for sunny days with its mix of cucumber, watermelon, clover, honey, and thyme. Available in packs of 12 individually wrapped cubes.

  • Salt Point Canned Moscow Mule

    A Moscow Mule is far from the toughest cocktail to make, but it can be a challenge if you're on-the-go. This canned Moscow Mule from Salt Point allows you to take your favorite cocktail wherever you go with a blend of spicy ginger, lime, and American vodka. You can serve it over ice in a traditional copper mug, or just sip it cold straight from the can. So if beer isn't your summer go-to, load up some cans of this in the cooler and enjoy this refreshing, pre-mixed cocktail poolside.

  • Cannonborough Soda

    Three guys that grew up together and call themselves jerks are the force behind the growing craft soda company Cannonbourough Soda. All of their sodas are crafted and carbonated in Charleston, South Carolina using a combo of fresh pressed juices, hand picked herbs, and fruits at the peak of their ripeness. They use only natural sweeteners and no artificial preservatives whatsoever. Every soda is force carbonated in small batches and each one pairs perfectly in a wide variety of cocktails.

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