Herrera Bladeless Drone

Winner of a 2016 Red Dot Design Concept award, the Bladeless Drone from Mexico's Edgar Herrera takes on the two biggest problems with traditional drones: blades and the noise they create. By using a series of air ducts and vents, it achieves flight without the dangers posed by exposed blades. The main central propeller supports take-off and landing, while the two forward propellers and rear propeller control direction by rotating 20 degrees front-to-back and clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively, changing their orientation based on the amount on headwind received. No development plans have yet been announced, but based on the advantages it offers, we wouldn't be surprised to see a real-life example built shortly.

  • Moby Mart

    It sounds too good to be true: a store on wheels that comes to you. That's exactly what Moby Mart promises. This autonomous, staffless mobile store offers up milk, medicine, clothes, and even electronics on-demand, with an app that not only summons the store but also serves as the checkout. Developed by Wheelys in collaboration with Hefei University and Himalafy, the Moby is also self-powered, relying on solar panels to provide energy for the electric drivetrain, while an integrated air purifier cleans the air around it — making it very eco-friendly. The company estimates that each store will cost under $100,000, and the concept is currently beta testing in Shanghai.

  • Bottomless Joystick

    Joysticks are a natural control for VR interfaces — problem being, they mostly only work on desks. The Bottomless Joystick overcomes this limitation by attaching the stick to a counterweight. Connected by a gimbal, the counterweight stays planted downward no matter the angle of the stick. It comes from the Smart Systems Institute at the University of Singapore, who also added two servo motors to replicate various force feedbacks and allow for the adjustment of resistance to better replicate real-world experiences.

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