HifiMan Portable Music Player

If you're more worried about the sound of your music than features, leave your iPod — or god forbid Zune — at home and hit the road with the HifiMan HM-700 Portable Music Player. Designed with maximum fidelity in find, it features a headphone jack with balanced connectors, which minimize interference and crosstalk while raising the maximum output — without adding distortion. It packs 32GB of storage, a battery good for 15 hours of play time, and an included set of RE-400 balanced in-ear monitors — so you can enjoy the benefits of the balanced connection even if you don't already own a set of balanced cans.

  • Keecker

    If the idea of sentient robots one day invading our homes sends luddite chills down your spine, do not read further — because that day is one step closer. Keecker is an Android-powered robot that follows you around your home, projecting content from your smartphone, or directly from the device itself onto your walls. You can use it to play games with your phone as the controller, watch video projected onto the walls, listen to 360-degree immersive sound controlled by an app on your smartphone, Skype with friends while walking around your house, or use it as a nanny-cam by telling it where to go in your place. In addition to entertainment, you can also use it as a home security robot — and though it won't shoot lasers at intruders — it can monitor air quality and let you check in on your home remotely. Since it is completely wireless, has a built-in battery that lasts up to a week, and can run any Android app out there, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

  • Epson Moverio BT-200 Glasses

    Before you say anything — no, the Epson Moverio BT-200 Glasses aren't meant to be the kind of wearable tech that you'd put on in public — at least, we hope not. These are augmented reality smart glasses, meant for wearing to watch and interact with video, and play games. Equipped with dual screens for two-dimensional and three-dimensional viewing, they project video at a pixel resolution comparable to most HD TVs. An attached Android-powered device controls the experience with a textured touchpad. Equipped with motion sensors, GPS, and a gyroscope, the glasses take inputs from rear-world movement and apply it to whatever you view.

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