High West Double Rye Whiskey

If spiciness is one of the reasons you enjoy rye whiskey, we think you'll get a kick out of High West Double Rye Whiskey. It's a blend of two ryes, one, a vibrant, feisty 2-year-old, and the other, a mellow, mature 16-year-old. They fuse beautifully, and despite the rye itself being a dominant flavor, it's elder partner in the blend mellows it out incredibly well. A standout in the burgeoning rye whiskey market.

  • Lock Stock and Barrel Rye Whiskey

    We love it when great design teams up with great whiskey, so that's why Lock Stock and Barrel Rye Whiskey ($120) is easy to recommend. It's aged for 13 years in American oak barrels, and is modeled after something even older, the Prohibition era. Before Prohibition, rye was king, and thanks to a new group of great ryes like Lock Stock and Barrel, it's experiencing a renaissance. At barrel strength, 101.3 proof, it sounds quite aggressive, but for something this robust, it's actually quite mellow and easy to sip. A limited, rare, high quality whiskey that could help push rye to the forefront again.

  • Suntory Yamazaki 25 Whiskey

    If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of Japanese Whiskey, we suggest starting with Yamazaki, the first distillery in the country, which began production in 1924. And if you are looking to dive in headfirst with a premium offering, Yamazaki 25 Single Malt Whiskey ($1,600) should fit the bill. This complex whisky was aged for over 25 years in sherry casks, giving it an unusually dark color and huge amount of flavor. It's available in limited quantities of only around 12,000 bottles every year.

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