Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle

If you're ready to ditch your car and move to something with a couple fewer wheels, but aren't quite ready to leave behind the comfort of a driver's seat, then maybe you need the Honda NM4 Concept Motorcycle. Calling the new seating configuration the cockpit position, an adjustable backrest is designed to give the rider more of a comfortable riding experience — while also easing the transition from car to bike. Available in two models, either a black or a white variation, each one comes powered by a 745-cc two-cylinder engine with a dual-clutch transmission. Additional details including horsepower are limited, but we do know that Honda plans to put something like the concept into production in the near future.

  • BMW R NineT Motorcycle

    Most people buying a Bimmer bike aren't overly concerned with customization. But we're guessing most of them aren't buying the BMW R NineT Motorcycle. This stripped-down roadster is powered by a 2-cylinder 4-stroke flat twin engine producing 110 hp and a top speed of over 125 mph. Other features include standard ABS, an upside-down front fork and BMW Motorrad Paralever rear, a simple speedometer and rev counter complemented by a multifunction display, and the ability to change everything from the wheels to the rear frame.

  • Thrive Yamaha XS650 Motorcycle

    We've seen vehicle designed influenced by a lot of different things — but wood-burning stoves? Now that's new. And that's also the inspiration behind this Thrive Yamaha XS650 Motorcycle. Based on a classic 1968 Yamaha XS650, this updated version features a spartan color scheme of black, grey, brass, and brown, a completely overhauled engine, hand-fabricated custom bodywork, a slightly lowered front end, a pair of leather belts under the battery box for holding a shirt or jacket, and even a custom bag containing all the tools needed to maintain the bike.

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