HoneyMaker Mead

We've seen plenty of trends, styles, and drinks reemerge years after they were first popular, but none quite as old as mead. A modern take on the ancient drink, HoneyMaker Mead ($TBA) is still made from honey, clear, pure water and a proprietary yeast strain, but is available in a variety of flavors, including Lavender, Blueberry, Semi Sweet, Dry Hopped, and the ever popular Elderberry. Gold chalice not included, but highly recommended.

  • Stu's This Is Bloody Mary

    It's not hard to find a place to get a bloody mary, but finding a good one? A far more difficult task. Apparently, so did the guys at Stu's, who you might know from their Spicy Garlic Pickles. The result is Stu's This Is Bloody Mary ($8). This powerful seasoning is designed to be used in concert with tomato juice and vodka to create a bold, flavorful drink that will send your celery stalk running for cover.

  • UFlavor

    The soda aisle at the local grocery store can seem overwhelming, until you realize that it's basically just a bunch of variations on the same themes. UFlavor ($TBA) is out to change all that. This upstart Indiana-based company lets you pick the ingredients to create your very own soda, complete with a custom label that you upload yourself. Whether you want flavored water, an energy drink, a soda, or a tea, they have you covered — no word yet on a "create your own beer" option.

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