Hublot Sledge

The season of wintry weather is nearing its end — or so we hope — but it's never too early to start gearing up for next year. The Hublot Sledge ($TBA) is a design concept that melds the attention to detail of fine watch making with the thrill of flying down a hillside on your ass. Features include an ash wood frame, hand-sewn leather seat, carbon fiber handles, and steel runners, all of which add up to a great-looking sled that fast, stable, and maneuverable, and unfortunately limited to a run of just 10 pieces.

  • Ka-Bar Marine Fighting Knife

    Don't feel bad if you looked at "Marine" "fighting" and "knife" and thought of the opening to Con Air. What, Nic Cage was an Army Ranger in that one? Anyway, the Ka-Bar Marine Fighting Knife ($50) has served alongside the few and the proud since WWII, earning legendary status along the way thanks to its comfortable leather grip, its ability to hold a sharp edge, and, like Cage, its ability to kill — one with a perfectly-pointed, straight edge steel blade, the other with lifeless dialogue. If you don't believe us, just ask the bad guys in The Rock.

  • S-Biner Ahhh

    Carry cords, keys, what have you with the S-Biner Ahhh ($4). This dual-ended product features two robust gate carabiner clips for carrying/joining rope, stainless steel construction, and two built-in bottle openers which will no doubt need require alcoholic acrobatics to open two at once. [Thanks, Weston]

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