Hummer HX Concept

Hummer HX Concept

According to insiders, you're looking at the basis for the upcoming H4 — but whether they call it HX, H4, or H-ellion, it's pretty hard-ass. The Hummer HX Concept ($TBA) is all-Hummer, with full-time 4WD, 35-inch tires, an advanced front suspension with an electronic-disconnecting stabilizer bar, and an E85 FlexFuel 3.6L SIDI V-6. However, it also borrows some ideas long assocoiated with rival Jeep, including a removable roof panels, doors, and fender flares, and a modular rear roof assembly that can also be completely removed, turning the HX into a true convertible. Add to that its rugged, Halo-esque exterior styling, and you've got a great two-door off-roader that we can't wait to get our hands on. [More Photos]

  • Honda CR-Z

    Paying homage to the classic CR-X hatchback, Honda will premiere this bad-ass hybrid sports concept at the 40th annual Tokyo Motor Show this month. The Honda CR-Z ($TBD) is a lightweight sports car with amazing styling and a gas-electric hybrid system for clean performance. Standing for "Compact Renaissance Zero," the CR-Z sports an aggressive front end, LED headlights, and big 19-inch wheels. The mesh and glass interior, meanwhile, gives "futuristic" a whole new meaning. [Click the title of this post for more photos.]

  • Lexus LF-A

    Although it's purely a concept, the Lexus LF-A ($TBA) sure would make a helluva production car. The LF-A is powered by a 500-plus horsepower V-10 engine, which along with its advanced aerodynamics, makes a top end speed of 200 mph quite possible. The front mid-engine placement works together with a rear-mounted transaxle and rear-mounted radiators to give the car excellent weight distribution. Add to that an eight-speed direct paddle sport gear box and large cross-drilled disc brakes, and you've got a car that's just begging for production. [Thanks, Ted]

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