Hunter Daleton Sneakers

We all know by now how unpredictable spring weather can be — one morning it's clear and blue, the next it's raining down buckets all over your commute — but that doesn't mean you should spend the entire day at the office in a pair of soggy oxfords. With Hunter Daleton Sneakers you can get where you're going without worrying about a little puddle or a big downpour. Made from natural rubber and completely waterproof up to the elastic gusset, these sneakers have all the weather benefits of clunkier boots without weighing you down. And with a range of colors to choose from, forget about looking stupid just because the sky is falling.

  • Feit Bio Trainer 1

    Don't the name fool you — while the Feit Bio Trainer 1 might be built on an athletic-looking sole, it's not designed for trips to the gym (or even the local jogging trail, for that matter). Instead this 100% handmade sneaker designed to be comfortable and cool, featuring a hand sewn upper made from vegetable-dyed suede or leather, a buffalo leather footbed that absorbs sweat, and a 100% natural latex rubber sole that's made using the milk of a rubber tree and takes a full two weeks to make.

  • Volt Heated Slippers

    Your extremities tend to be the hardest parts of your body to keep warm. Ensure that your feet stay nice and cozy with Volt Heated Slippers. These boot-style shoes feature a series of tiny conductive fibers woven into the insoles and a built-in rechargeable 3.7-volt lithium-ion battery that combine to heat your feet no matter the temperature outside. And unlike some solutions that are more than happy to heat you well beyond comfortable temperatures, these feature a built-in, auto-adjusting thermostat that will keep things from getting too hot.

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