Hylnds Spirit Of The Glen Whiskey Fragrance

Even though inspiration for this scent was drawn from every facet of the whiskey production process, Hylnds Spirit Of The Glen Whiskey Fragrance ($180) won't leave you smelling like the crusty drunk at the end of the bar. Instead, it channels the deep distilling heritage of Speyside, Scotland (home of The Glenlivet), including the floral notes characteristic of its legendary spirit, the woody scent of aged oak casks and charred bourbon barrels, and the sweet aroma of wild pineapple weed. What you get is a unisex cologne that begins with the vanilla scent of wood, and finishes with the deep and unmistakeable scent of Scotch Whiskey.

  • Sex Panther Cologne

    While we can't officially comment on the amount of real panther bits contained in Sex Panther Cologne ($35), we can tell you that 60 percent of the time, it works every time — but you already knew that. So, if your perfectly-groomed caterpillar mustache and red polyester suit aren't quite attracting the attention you crave, it might be time to consider a bolder tack. This officially-licensed Anchorman cologne is truly the stuff of legends, and is meant for only the manliest of men (the kind of men who play jazz flute and fearlessly face a full-grown bear, head on). If that's not you, it might be best to leave this stuff for the real men.

  • Eight & Bob JFK Fragrance

    As a young man, while vacationing in the French Riviera, John F. Kennedy met a young dandy named Albert Fouquet, known for his expertise in crafting fine fragrances. Kennedy was particularly impressed with one scent — now called Eight & Bob ($195) — and asked for a bottle. Fouquet included a note with the gift, which read in part "in this bottle, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks." Later, after returning home, Kennedy requested another order of eight bottles, plus one for his brother Robert (hence the name). Now, after more than 70 years in dormancy, this fragrance is available in limited quantities, so you too can add a bit of French glamour to your personality.

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