Ever see those awesome time-lapse videos of someone flying across the world, traveling through a foreign country, or just walking around the local music festival? Now you can make your own with Hyperlapse. This new app from Instagram lets you shoot time lapse videos that are instantly stabilized to smooth out bumps and other jarring motions, and are played back at up to 12 times the speed you shot it, allowing you to show a day's worth of action in just 30 seconds or less.

  • Hanx Writer

    You might not know it, but Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks) is somewhat of a manual typewriter enthusiast. In fact, he's more than that — with a knowledge of models and their intricacies that borders on encyclopedic, he's passionate about them. And now he's aiming to bring the joy of the typewriter to the iPad with Hanx Writer. This free app recreates the experience of typing on a manual typewriter, complete with on-screen "paper", documents with their own personality that can still be emailed/shared, and a bevy of available models, each of which has its own look and sound.

  • Humin

    When the iPhone first launched, it gave us a whole new way to make phone calls and connect with people. But in the years since its launch, the Phone and Contact apps haven't changed a whole lot. Humin is out to fix this. By acting as a replacement for both apps, it gives you the ability to search your contacts on more natural terms — say, when/where you met them, where they live/work, or what they do, all by leaning on information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Gmail. It also gives you reminders on who you're scheduled to meet with, connects you with friends when you're traveling, and lets you know when friends are visiting nearby. Put simply, it's a smarter phone.

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