I Draw Cars Sketchbook & Reference Guide

I Draw Cars Sketchbook & Reference Guide

Whether you have plans on one day becoming a car designer or would simply like to improve your car sketching skills for your own enjoyment, the I Draw Cars Sketchbook & Reference Guide ($25 and up) is here to help. Created by two designers from the Detroit area, this unique book will include tons of templates, reference information, and, yes, even blank pages, all of which are there to help you hone your automotive sketching skills to near perfection.

  • The Hungover Cookbook

    Nevermind how you got in this state — if you're truly hungover, all you want to do is make it go away, and The Hungover Cookbook ($8) can help. Inside its cleverly dyslexic cover are classifications of six different types of hangovers with recipes for each, mind games, quizzes to see if you're actually hungover or just still drunk — yes, it happens — and jokes to help ease your shredded mind.

  • The Official Major League Baseball Opus

    If you really love baseball — and we mean really — then perhaps you'd enjoy owning The Official Major League Baseball Opus ($300-$3,000). Available in 75 pound Marquee and 26 pound Classic editions, these amazing books offer up 1,000+ images and over 110,000 words or 400+ images and over 60,000 words, respectively, two-meter wide gatefolds showcasing classic baseball trading cards, and pictures of every World Series program ever. It's perfect reading material for passing the time between runs over the course of the sport's marathon-like 162 game season.

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