ICON The Derelicts

They're well known for taking vintage vehicles and transforming them into modern marvels, but ICON's The Derelicts ($TBA) line forgoes the upgraded exterior to create something truly unique. On the outside of each one-off vehicle, you'll find the same worn, vintage exterior that you might see on a junkyard specimen, but upgraded underneath with new interiors, modern chassis, electrical components and power trains. The example above is a 1952 Chevy Deluxe Business Man's coupe, which has been tricked out with an Art Morrison powder-coated chassis, ABS brakes, a 430hp Camaro 6.2 LS3 engine, and exotic interior materials; expect others, including models based on a 1939 Nash and a 1967 Rolls Royce, to make an appearance in the coming months.

  • Ferrari 340 Competizione

    It's one thing to take a classic car and make it look modern — but it's quite another to take a new car and make it look classic. That's the idea behind the Ferrari 340 Competizione ($TBA). Built to pay homage to the 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico — which was limited to just three examples — the Competizione is a one-off that began life as a Ferrari 456 GT, and kept its 470hp, 5.4L V12 and six-speed manual while gaining new aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, an interior that recalls the 340 Mexico while retaining some modern niceties, and, of course, new aluminum bodywork.

  • Fisker Surf

    The electric-powered revolution continues with the Fisker Surf ($TBA). The crossover cousin of the gorgeous Karma, the Surf is a five-door affair, offering plenty of room for passengers and luggage on the inside, a range of 50 miles operating solely on the 175kW generator and 300 when using both it and the 260 hp turbocharged gas engine, a 0-60 mph time of just just 5.9 seconds (7.9 in electric-only mode), a top speed of 125 mph, 22 inch Circuit Blade wheels, bright orange Brembo brakes, an LED brake light, an incorporated roof spoiler, and an optional roof-mounted solar panel that also functions as a sunroof thanks to its dark-tinted translucence. Just think of it as a Chevy Volt with an added dose of class.

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