Icons of Men's Style

Icons of Men's Style

Going by its title alone, you might think that Icons of Men's Style ($18) is a look at some of the most distinctive, stylish men in recent memory. You would be incorrect. Instead, this 192-page book makes the clothes and accessories the stars, by offering the provenance, history, design story, and influence of items like the polo, aviator sunglasses, cargo pants, and Panama hat, each getting the treatment deserving of a true icon.

  • SEAL Team Six

    They may have gained notoriety by capping Bin Laden, but SEAL Team Six ($15) was running black ops-style missions long before they became front page news. Written by former Team Six sniper Howard S. Wasdin, this 350-page memoir follows his journey through the ranks of the Navy to the SEALs, with intricate — and riveting — descriptions of life as one of the world's most feared assassins around every page.

  • Eat Like A Man

    Step aside, Martha Stewart. Eat Like A Man ($18) eschews the traditional woman-friendly cookbook for a testosterone-fueled collection of foods from some of America's best chefs, including Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, David Chang, Michael Mina, Tom Colicchio, and John Besh — 75 recipes, to be exact, along with various food-related stories and useful kitchen pointers sure to awaken your inner Emeril.

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