IKEA Lillon Grill

Most of the best stuff at Ikea is simple, cleanly-designed, and affordable. This IKEA Lillon Grill ($100) is no exception. Featuring a glossy black enamel paint job that's made friendlier by the curves of the handles, grill body, and legs, the Lillon also offers versatility, in that it can be used as a standing grill with the included legs, or as a tabletop affair by swapping them out for the polypropylene feet. With a cooking area of just over 250 square inches, it's not going to be cooking up any huge meals, but for a single, couple, or small family, it should do just fine, while providing a splash of style to your outdoor living area. [via]

  • Balcony Grill

    Think your tiny apartment balcony precludes you from getting your grill on this summer? Think again. The Balcony Grill (€60; roughly $80) is designed to hang on common flowerpot supports, clearing way for chairs, tables, or just more people. It's crafted from stainless steel, and features a sleek black paint job and a cooking area of roughly 161 square inches.

  • Meat Shredders

    Add to your summertime grilling tool arsenal with a set of these Meat Shredders ($15). Sporting sharp stainless-steel tines, these rugged claws are ideal for shredding larger pieces of meat — pork, roasts, and chicken in particular — into bite-sized chunks. As an added bonus, they also work great for moving larger pieces of meat to, from, and around on the grill.

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