Information Graphics

With all the information we have to absorb in this modern life, it's basically impossible to go through a day without seeing some form of info graphic. Still, have you ever given any thought to how they're made, or where they came from? Information Graphics ($50) covers both the history of visualizing data to the current masters of the craft, complete with hundreds of images — each with explanatory text — historical essays, and even a 26.5" x 19" poster by Nigel Homes, former graphics director for Time.

  • 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die

    Do you love golf? We mean really love golf? Then perhaps you'll be so bold as to task yourself with playing all of these 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die ($27) before, you know, actually die. Inside this hefty 960-page tome you'll find par 3s, 4s, and 5s of every kind, from the extremely challenging to the extremely beautiful, and many holes that are a mix of both. The only downside? We're guessing that these holes are also from a great multitude of courses, and it's not like you can visit a course and request to play only one hole — so plan on doing a lot of golfing should you accept the challenge.

  • Top Gear: The Cool 500

    If you've ever read an issue, you know the chaps at Top Gear Magazine know their cars. So who better to pick out the best of all time? Top Gear: The Cool 500: The Coolest Cars Ever Made ($30) is penned by long-time writer and road tester Matt Master, this bible of bad-ass rides covers cars from the advent of the automobile through to futuristic supercars, each placed in the proper context and joined by fantastic photography and commentary. Perfect coffee table fodder for your garage, den, or motoring-themed man cave.

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