As much fun as Instagram can be, it's still missing something: actual prints. Instaprint ($400) aims to fix this problem by hooking up to your Wi-Fi network and printing out any image it comes across containing a specific location or hashtag. This means your friends can get in on the action as well, turning the Instaprint into a focal point of your next party, gathering, or beer bash. [via]

  • Belkin WeMo

    In this modern era of smartphones and connected appliances, home automation shouldn't require a complex, expensive, and closed system — and with Belkin WeMo ($50-$100), it doesn't have to. Combining an app with Wi-Fi-enabled Home Control Switch models and motion sensors, WeMo can give you the power to turn off lights, appliances, and more, or have them operate automatically based on who is — or isn't — in the room.

  • Ramos Alarm Clock

    We've already seen several clever alarms that attempt to lure you out of bed, but few look as good as the Ramos Alarm Clock ($150-$350). Available in plan LED or gorgeous Nixie versions, it requires you to get up out of bed and enter a code into a Defuse Panel to make its alarm stop, at which point you'll likely be intellectually stimulated and far enough away from your bed that the dreaded snoozitis won't be able to set in.

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