iPad Foosball Table

Get the tactile joy of real-life foosball and all the benefits of a digital scorekeeper with the iPad Foosball Table. This tabletop game hooks to your older iPad via 30-pin connector, letting the four spinners on each side accurately control the digital players on the field. Other features include sliding colored markers on either end for keeping score, rubber feet to keep everything in place, and a number of options in the companion app, including customizable players and fields, tournament tracking, and the ability to add cheering crowds and other sound effects. While it might not match the resounding "thunk" of a goal scored on a real table, it also won't take up a ton of room in your house.

  • Seek Thermal Phone Camera

    Add high-tech thermal imaging to your phone without the need for a bulky add-on case with the Seek Thermal Phone Camera. Made to plug directly into your phone's Lightning or Micro-USB port, this unique imaging device uses a sensor with over 32,000 thermal pixels to create a visible image on your device. Whether you're looking for a leak in your home in broad daylight or trying to find a household pet (or nefarious soul) in the dark, it can let you see more than what you can with your own two eyes.

  • Grovemade iPhone 6 Cases

    As you prepare to swap out your current phone for the new iPhone 6, it's time to find the best case to protect that new investment. Grovemade's iPhone 6 Cases should be in the running, as each one features a hand stained all natural wood exterior. Go minimal with a bumper or more functional with a premium vegetable-tanned leather cover, or simply an all-wood case, each available in either Walnut or Maple. Their thinnest and most durable cases to date are handmade with care on-site in Portland, Oregon and are ready to meet your new iPhone.

    Presented by Grovemade.

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