Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hotspot

No matter where life takes you — whether you're a globe-trotting adventurer, an international businessman, or you just live out in the middle of nowhere — the last thing you want is to be cut off from the rest of the world. With the Iridium Go Satellite WiFi Hotspot you can go virtually anywhere and still access voice and data on up to five devices at a time. Small and portable, this device can go anywhere you can, and features a 100-foot radius of wireless connectivity. Use it to access the web over a satellite connection on your tablet, laptop, or phone, or make calls and receive messages using a range of available plans.

  • LG G Flex Smartphone

    In yet another attempt at differentiating themselves from the pack of other handsets available on the market, LG has introduced their latest innovation, a curved phone. The LG G Flex Smartphone ($TBA) features a curved design that's meant to better fit the average shape of a person's face, improving the usefulness of the speaker and microphone. The phone also sports their around-the-back button design introduced in this phone's predecessor, meant to make it more natural to adjust volume, turn on the phone, etc. Though if you ask us, their so-called innovations miss the mark by a long shot. Of all the things we do on our smartphones, actually talking on them probably ranks near the bottom of the list.

  • KnowRoaming

    If you spend a lot of time traveling internationally, you know what a pain it can be to maintain a phone that works all over the world, without going broke doing it. KnowRoaming ($35) is an intelligent sticker and an iOS or Android app combination that makes traveling with your phone easier and cheaper. Just apply the sticker to the front of your SIM card, and it takes care of the rest — staying off until you need it, and switching on to prevent roaming charges internationally. The accompanying app lets you monitor your usage, while finding carriers internationally and allowing you to top up on minutes that never expire.

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