Jack Daniel's Coffee

We'll admit to slipping a little something in our morning coffee now and again. Jack Daniel's Coffee gives you the flavors that come with an AM shot without the booze. Made from 100% Arabica, it's infused with full-strength Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey to give it notes of caramel and vanilla that you simply don't get with beans alone. Available in 1.5 oz gift bags or in handsome 8.8 oz collectible tins.

  • La Colombe Triple Draft Latte

    La Colombe's original Draft Latte is a staple of the fridge at Uncrate HQ. But as smooth and drinkable as it is, there are those of us who crave a bigger kick of caffeine than it provides. Which is exactly why they make La Colombe Triple Draft Latte. It's made using the same nutrient-filled, lactose-free milk as the original, but packs in three shots of cold-pressed espresso, giving it a stronger taste, a larger dose of caffeine, and a lower calorie count than the original.

  • Sudden Coffee

    Whether you're stuck at work, out on the open road, or sitting around the campfire, a good cup of coffee is always mandatory. World Barista Championship competitor Kalle Frees is hoping to save your from a caffeinated nightmare with his hand-crafted instant alternative Sudden Coffee. Made from single-origin beans from trusted farms and then lightly roasted to bring out notes of citrus, chocolate, and toffee, each cup is individually brewed by hand. The liquid coffee is turned into crystals and packaged into handy little tubes, each making an 8-ounce cup. Once it's in your hands, mix it with hot or cold water or milk for traditional or iced coffees and lattes. Currently available in monthly subscriptions ranging from 8 to 32 cups.

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