Jack Daniel's Ready-to-Drink

If you're busy slaying the rabid possums that are messing up your grand championship of cornhole, you probably don't have time to waste mixing your own Jack & Coke. Enter the Jack Daniel's Ready-to-Drink ($10) offerings. These perfectly mixed beverages, which come in aluminum-bottle four-packs, give you instant access to Jack & Cola, Jack & Ginger, or Jack & Diet Cola.

  • Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets

    Turn any drink into a bacon-flavored treat with these Effervescent Bacon Drink Tablets ($4). Arriving in an handy portable tin, these wonderous cousins of Alka-Seltzer start dissolving the second you drop them into a glass of water, juice, soda, booze, or milk (gross), filling your goblet with the succulent flavor of bacon. Also great as a stocking stuffer, or for freaking out your vegetarian friends.

  • Spike Your Juice

    If, for whatever reason, you don't want a big bottle labeled Moonshine at your sister's volleyball game, you can go incognito with this Spike Your Juice ($10) kit. Simply grab yourself a 64 oz. bottle of juice, dump in one of the six included yeast packets, pop on the airlock, and wait. In 48 hours or so, you'll have your own homemade hooch with an alcohol content of up to 14 percent. Great for parties, fooling in-laws, or as a holiday gift for buddies doing hard time.

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