Jason Markk Sneaker Quick Wipes

One of the worst things to happen in the life of a sneakerhead is the first major scuff on a new pair of shoes. Jason Markk Sneaker Quick Wipes ($11) help you avert the crisis of smudged shoes, preserving their freshness for another day. They have two sides, with two textures for versatile cleaning — one side has blue abrasive dots for removing difficult stains, while the softer side is better for everyday care. These durable wipes come in packs of twelve, and one or two can easily slip into a pocket for emergency shoe care.

  • Lasso Flat-Packed Slippers

    Just think of them as an Ikea product for your feet. Like our favorite affordable Swedish furniture, Lasso Flat-Packed Slippers (£27; roughly $40) arrive in a slim box ready to be assembled. Made from a single piece of grey wool felt, they feature a hearty leather sole, and your choice of laces, which you use to build the shoe by sewing them through precut holes. We haven't seen the printed instructions yet, but we're guessing they're not quite as frustrating as the wordless booklets that come from the big blue store.

  • Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

    They might not look that different at first glance, but the Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Collection ($70-$85) really isn't the same as the Chucks you'll find at your local Journeys store. Re-crafted to the specifications of the All Star of the '70s, these now-iconic shoes feature slightly higher rubber foxing around the sole, added cushioning — definitely a welcome change — stitching on the sidewall, a vintage plate on the heel, a more substantial toe box, and a heavier canvas upper. The black and white versions are available now at select shops, with more original colors arriving later this year.

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