Jeep Off-Road Camper Trailers

Ever have the problem where your burly 4x4 can get you to the perfect camping spot but your weak trailer can't make the journey? Feast your eyes on the Jeep Off-Road Camper Trailers ($10,000 and up). Available in Trail Edition and Extreme Trail Edition models, these rugged tow-behinds offer space for four adults, and feature a queen-sized bed, a sofa with a stowable table, a built-in aluminum cabinet, a canvas enclosure, and a 110-volt power supply. The Trail Edition offers 12-inches of ground clearance, all-aluminum construction, 32-inch tires, and diamond-plated aluminum coverings, while the Extreme packs a heavier from, 15 inches of clearance, a full-underbody skid plate, and 35-inch tires. Just remember: if you got it in (or up) there, you can get it back out.

  • SOL Origin Survival Kit

    When trekking through the wilderness, survival is always key. The SOL Origin Survival Kit ($39) helps you to survive the unexpected with ten survival essentials as well as over 60 techniques and strategies from backcountry expert Buck Tilton, all conveniently packed in one lightweight waterproof case.

  • LED Bocce Ball Set

    Ever had your garden party ruined because there wasn't enough light to complete your highly competitive bocce game? Bet you wish you'd had the LED Bocce Ball Set ($100). It includes the traditional white pallino with a white LED, four pairs of regulation-sized, two-thirds weight balls — one each of red, blue, yellow, and green — sets of lighted and flashing LEDs, three sets of batteries for each ball, a measuring string for scoring, and a nylon carrying case. Just don't try using it in Malibu.

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