Joey Roth Compass

Most of the wearable compasses we've seen lately have been integrated into watches — which makes this Joey Roth Compass ($75) a nice change of pace. Built around the Francis Barker survival compass, this unique wayfinding tool is made from laminated Maple and East Indian Rosewood, and produced by hand in collaboration with Shwood in Portland, Oregon. It's limited to just 200 pieces, so whether you need it for actual adventuring or are just looking for a cool necklace, we recommend moving quickly.

  • 999Bottle

    It's easy to drop money on eco-friendly products — but maximizing your investment by using them repeatedly? That's another story. The 999Bottle ($30) aims to overcome this behavior by building a counter of three rings right into the bottom of the bottle, which you use in conjunction with an app to get a more easily digestible look at the difference you're making by keeping all those disposable bottles out of our landfills and oceans. Oh, and thanks to its stainless steel and rubber build, it doesn't look too shabby, either. [Scouted by Kevin]

  • Titanium Kung Foon Spork

    Call it a "foon" all you want — our years of Taco Bell experience tell us that the appropriate name for this utensil is "spork". The Titanium Kung Foon Spork ($17) just happens to be as useful on the trail as it is when scarfing down unhealthy Tex-Mex food stuffs, with a pair of chopsticks hiding in the handle, barbed tines, a deep bowl, and even a custom carrying tin.

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