Johammer Electric Motorcycle

We've seen some bizarre-looking electronic vehicles in our time, but nothing quite compares to the retro-futuristic styling of the Johammer Electric Motorcycle. But there's more to the Johammer than just its strange looks — inside that shiny aluminum fairing, you'll find battery packs that give it a range of up to 120 miles on a single charge, all without sound or emissions. And if you're trying to find the dash on this bike, you'll have to look to the rear-view mirrors (they display all the relevant information you'd typically find elsewhere). Power comes from an electric motor housed in the rear-wheel hub, while the bike forgoes a fork in the front in favor of hub-center steering. You can choose from two models available in five different colors, but regardless, you'll definitely get some looks.

  • Bandit9 Eve Motorcycle

    Straddling the line between usable product and art, the Bandit9 Eve Motorcycle is among the most beautiful two-wheelers we've ever seen. Outfitted in nearly all chrome — pretty much everything but the tires, grips, and seat — this sleek ride is based on a 1967 Honda SS, can be built with engines ranging from 90-125cc, and is absolutely guaranteed to draw as much attention as any bike you've ever ridden.

  • Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

    They're far better known for the sports and race cars, but believe it or not, Lotus can come up with a pretty slick two-wheeler, as well. The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle is a perfect example. Designed by Daniel Simon of Bugatti and Tron: Legacy fame, this ultra-limited bike (only 100 are being made) features a slick, lightweight body, a two-cylinder, four-stroke 1,195cc engine putting out 200 horsepower, and paired with a six-gear transmission. While we don't have performance numbers yet, considering it weighs under 400 pounds, we're expecting it to be really, really fast.

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