If you've ever tried to bake a pizza in a charcoal grill, you know what a frustrating challenge it can be — while you may occasionally end up with something smoky and delicious, more often than not your pizza ends up charred and inedible. The KettlePizza ($185) turns any 18.5- or 22.5-inch kettle-shaped grill into a capable pizza oven. The kit helps keep the temperature in your grill constant, while giving you easy access to your pizza. Comes with a stainless steel sleeve, handles, a thermometer, an aluminum pan, a pizza stone, and a wooden pizza peel.

  • Chicken Leg Grill Rack

    There is no better time of year to fire up the grill than Summer — but sometimes grilling standards (burgers, dogs, brats, metts) get a little tired. Throw chicken into the mix with the Chicken Leg Grill Rack ($20). This 15-inch-long rack holds a dozen chicken legs, and can be placed directly on your grill, cooking the meat to perfection. Stainless steel construction makes it a breeze to clean, and means it will last for grilling seasons to come. So, bring on the barbecue sauce and get grilling.

  • SolSource Grill

    If you have a hard time reconciling your love for backyard barbecues with your sustainable mindset, then the SolSource Grill ($249) is here to ease your conscience. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, it's also a great grill — it heats up quickly and can cook a large meal in minutes. The average gas grill makes four times the emissions of your home stove, and a charcoal grill more than doubles that. This solar grill makes none, so your next cookout can be entirely guilt-free. Since it doesn't need charcoal or gas to work, you can use it miles away from anything, letting you cook great meals anywhere on the planet.

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