Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table

Play like table tennis pros on the Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table ($2,000). As seen in use on ESPN and Balls of Fury, the high-end table was designed specifically for professional competitions. It sports a two-piece tabletop construction for easy setup, a special glare reducing coating, and a metal arched structure for good looks and lots of stability.

  • Faceball

    We've been holding off on posting about Faceball, the newest office sports craze, until the "official" balls were available for purchase. Now that they are, we introduce you to your new favorite pastime. Faceball is basically a one-on-one game in which you and an opponent sit 10-feet apart and take turns hitting each other in the face with beachballs. And yes, it's just as much as fun as it sounds. See the official rules, buy a couple balls ($3), and commence the face shots.

  • Tree Surgeon Golf Club

    Designed for those of us who spend most of our golf outings in the trees and heavy rough, the Tree Surgeon ($43) combines a putter with an ax. Nothing will be unplayable when you have this weapon in your bag.

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