Kindling Cracker

Designed by a school-aged kid looking to keep her digits intact by avoiding axes, the Kindling Cracker can create ideal fire-starting slivers of wood using nothing more than a mallet. You just slip a six-inch or smaller diameter log through the top, then use a hammer, mallet, or even another piece of wood to drive it down onto the splitting head. It weighs just 11 pounds, so it's easy to bring along to the campsite, has mounting holes for more permanent installation, and is crafted in Australia from high-quality cast iron, so it'll last for generations.

  • FishHunter Pro

    You're already using your phone to keep track of your fishing. Why not let it help you find the fish, too? FishHunter Pro is a Wi-fi enabled gadget that floats on the surface of the water, giving you real-time sonar information in an easy-to-understand interface. It can find fish as far down as 150 feet, has a range of 160 feet, a battery life of up to 10 hours, and can handle temperatures down to -22 degrees, making it suitable for ice fishing, as well.

  • Best Made Field Desk

    Developed in collaboration with Dayton-based H. Gerstner & Sons and illustrator Ross MacDonald, the Best Made Field Desk is an heirloom-quality piece meant to let you stay productive no matter where you are. The case is made from kiln-dried American cherry that's plain cut to help expose the grain, and has a red leather work surface that lifts on either end for access to the storage compartments underneath. It's finished with brass corner guards, a leather handle, and comfortable shoulder strap.

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