Klein BBQ Tool Set

Ever wish your grilling tools could be just as rugged and reliable as your real tools? They can be with the Klein BBQ Tool Set. Crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel, the set includes both a 17" spatula and a long fork, both of which feature the same cushion-grip handles as the company's normal tools. In addition, both tools feature a Tip-Ident on the end of the handle that helps make them easy to identify in a crowded drawer. Matching bottle opener sold separately.

  • Meat Shredders

    Add to your summertime grilling tool arsenal with a set of these Meat Shredders ($15). Sporting sharp stainless-steel tines, these rugged claws are ideal for shredding larger pieces of meat — pork, roasts, and chicken in particular — into bite-sized chunks. As an added bonus, they also work great for moving larger pieces of meat to, from, and around on the grill.

  • Koko Charcoal

    Preserve the flavor of your summer foods by switching your grill over to Koko Charcoal ($60/24 lbs.). Made from 100% coconut fiber, Koko is fifty percent more efficient than standard briquettes — it burns cleaner, burns hotter, and burns longer — while maintaining 100% natural status. In other words, there's little reason not to give it a shot — even if you're a lifelong Kingsford fan.

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