Kobalt Sound System Tool Chest

Stop running down your car battery just to get music in the garage and pick up the Kobalt 53-inch Tool Chest w/Pioneer Sound System. This hulking beast of a tool chest offers killer features like LED lighting, an integrated four-plug power strip, a Pioneer sound system with remote and MP3/CD player, included drawer liners, double-walled construction, and a 2,200 lbs. capacity with casters that lock, swivel, and absorb shocks.

  • Channellock Rescue Tool

    Whether you're trying to pry your way out of a wrecked car or a bed that you unfortunately found yourself in after a long night of drinking, a Channellock Rescue Tool ($32) can help you out. Available in three models, these versatile tools feature strong, sharp cutting edges for tearing through wires, cables, and soft metals, integrated wrenches, punches for shattering safety glass, and also work as priers for opening up windows, doors, and odd human-sized cages.

  • DualSaw

    When we think of products previously endorsed by the late Billy Mays, industrial-strength tools aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Yet that's exactly what the DualSaw ($180) is. Powered by a 900 watt motor that spins two laser-honed, tungsten carbine-tipped blades in opposite directions at 6,000 RPMs, this beastly hand-held saw can cut through damn near anything, forwards or backwards, without the nasty kickbacks or sparks produced by traditional saws, and comes in a handsome carrying case. [Thanks, Ron]

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