Koko Charcoal

Preserve the flavor of your summer foods by switching your grill over to Koko Charcoal ($60/24 lbs.). Made from 100% coconut fiber, Koko is fifty percent more efficient than standard briquettes — it burns cleaner, burns hotter, and burns longer — while maintaining 100% natural status. In other words, there's little reason not to give it a shot — even if you're a lifelong Kingsford fan.

  • Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood

    Bring the complex flavors of your favorite dark liquor to your next cookout with Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood ($14). Made from repurposed bourbon barrel staves, this wood is great for grilling or smoking, and is sure to impart the sweet yet smoky flavors of bourbon to whatever type or cut of meat you happen to be cooking.

  • Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill

    Is it a grill? A smoker? Actually, it's a little of both. The adorably plain Hasty-Bake Legacy Grill ($1,000) offers direct and indirect heat grilling, a charcoal oven, and a smoker in a powder-coated cold-rolled steel box. A ventless hood traps smoke and heat, a heat deflector feature forces natural convection cooking, and an adjustable lift makes it simple to control the heat level and cooking method. When it's time to start the fire, just remove the firebox to get it going, and open the access door to add wood or charcoal as needed. Just think of it as a one-stop shop for all your summertime cooking needs.

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