Kootek Self Defense Flashlight

Combining a flashlight, a knife, and a hammer all in one, the Kootek Self Defense Flashlight is about the only tool you'll need to keep with you. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the LED flashlight gives off three levels of brightness and works as a beam focus, spot light, and flood light. When needed, an aluminum alloy 3.5 inch blade can be attached to the end, while a removable attack hammer can be added on the anti-slip handle for busting car windows, zombie heads, or whatever emergency is standing in your way.

  • Worx Switchdriver

    Even the most novice DIY'er knows the hassle of switching back and forth between a drill bit and a driver. The Worx Switchdriver makes the process easier than ever. It has a rotating head with two 1/4 inch chucks — one for your bit, and one for your driver. Since neither bit has to be removed, you can drill a hole, rotate the head, and sink the screw in a single step. Its 20V lithium battery provides roughly two hours of use per charge, and the integrated LED light lets you work anytime, day or night.

  • Shaper Origin CNC Machine

    Most CNC machines are huge. The Shaper Origin CNC Machine is small enough to fit in a cabinet. The world's first hand-held CNC machine, it uses an innovative interface to let you make precise cuts without robotic assistance. You simply move the machine, following the shape outlines on the display, and it does the rest. It will automatically retract if you go off course and gently auto-corrects when you wander, resulting in cuts that are within 1/100 inch of your intended path. On-board drawing tools let you work computer-free, a dust extraction port makes cleanup a breeze, and since it's a hand tool, it can work on nearly any size of material, something normal CNC's can't claim.

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