Kyocera LTD Ceramic Chef's Knife

Stainless steel is great and all — easy to clean, sharpens to a razor edge — but there's nothing quite like ceramic if you really want the edge to last. The Kyocera LTD Ceramic Chef's Knife ($120) keeps its Zirconia 206 ceramic edge ten times longer than steel, so you don't have to sharpen it nearly as often as the typical chef's knife. It has an ergonomic pakkawood handle with a stainless steel bolster and rivet that makes it easier to handle, and more comfortable to use. Hand-crafted by experts in Seki, Japan, this knife won't brown foods with use, and resists corrosion.

  • Gerber E.A.B. Pocket Knife

    This mega-minimalist knife is perfect for those of us who are sick of sharpening our blades after opening one too many Amazon shipments. Made of stainless steel, weighing only 2.2 ounces, and measuring just 2.4 inches when closed, the Gerber E.A.B (Exchange-A-Blade) Pocket Knife ($9) has a replaceable blade system that uses standard utility blades so you'll always be sharp and ready. It also sports a finger guard and a pocket clip that can double as a money clip.

  • Victorinox Cybertool Lite Multi-Tool

    Let's face it, most of us don't spend much time during the week out in the wilderness — making that serrated saw blade on your pocketknife pretty useless. The Victorinox Cybertool Lite Multi-Tool ($115) is intended more for the kind of guy who sees more keyboards than leaves day-to-day. With tools like multiple screwdrivers (including a mini flathead), a wire stripper, cutter, and crimper, hex sockets, a ballpoint pen, and a white LED flashlight, you're bound to find plenty of uses for this handy knife. And for the off-hours, it also includes a cork screw and a bottle opener (perhaps the most useful tools of all).

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