La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine

La Marzocco's Linea Classic is a favorite of numerous cafés all around the world. The La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine brings the same professional-level performance home in a compact package. It has a dual boiler system for optimal brewing and steaming, stepped temperature control, a self-contained two liter water reservoir, brew paddle activation with pre-infusion for consistency, and LED barista lights to let you focus on every cup. Available in four different colors — stainless, red, black, or white — to match any kitchen decor.

  • Grovemade Tabletop Collection

    It doesn't matter what you're cooking — the right dinnerware and table settings can make any food better. The Grovemade Tabletop Collection is a great example. This new offering includes ceramic plates, bowls, cups, and even salt and pepper shakers made by a local vendor, with a textured matte exterior and satin finish, and available in black or white, either of which looks great with the wooden accessories. They're made with domestically-sourced walnut and maple, hand-sanded with an oil finish, and include items like placemats, coasters, a trivet, and a salt cellar.

  • Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

    It's incredibly simple — and that's what makes it noteworthy. The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle combines clean lines with an ergonomic design to provide a delightful brewing experience. Its spout draws from the bottom of the vessel while the handle puts more weight in your handle, resulting in a steadier, smoother pour, and the built in brew-range thermometer lets you keep a close eye on the temperature. Available in matte black or polished steel, and limited to just 1,000 units in each color.

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