La Marzocco Mistral Espresso Machine

Looking more like a piece of Cylon technology than anything made by human hands, the La Marzocco Mistral Espresso Machine would feel right at home in your geeky office space or quirky coffee shop. In slight of its intimidating appearance and commercial build-quality, this machine is easy to use once it's all set up, letting you brew great espresso and steam milk like a pro. It features automatic setting, a double boiler, an articulating steam wand, high capacity, a hot water dispenser, a cup warmer, and much more. It's so easy you may never head to another Starbucks again.

  • Manual Coffeemaker

    Electric coffeemakers make it far too easy to brew a cup of coffee — they remove you from the process, taking it out of your hands and resulting in coffee that tastes mass-produced — which is why pour-over brewing has become so popular among people who really care about their coffee. The Manual Coffeemaker puts the control back in your hands, letting you brew individual cups that perfectly suit your taste. The machine is handcrafted from double-wall sculpted glass, letting you view the process while holding in all the necessary heat. Just place a filter into the funnel at the top, pour water over the grounds, and let it fill the included carafe — it brews one cup at a time, making it perfect for small offices or individual use.

  • Krups ZB500 Infinity Slow Juicer

    Most juicers are good at one thing: turning whole fruits into tasty, healthy liquids. While the Krups ZB500 Infinity Slow Juicer can handle that job with aplomb, it's got a trick that most juicers don't. Thanks to its two separate stainless steel baskets, you can choose the finer grid basket for making juices and cocktails, or go with the coarser basket for a head-start on sauces, smoothies, and coulis. And thanks to a super-silent motor, you don't have to worry about waking up the whole house every time you want a drink.

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