Lamborghini Aventador S

They might share the same name, but the Lamborghini Aventador S has far less in common with its predecessor than the simple "S" designation would suggest. As you'd expect, it's more powerful, with the naturally aspirated V12 outputting 740 hp, up 40 hp, making possible a 0-62 mph time of under three seconds and a top speed of 217. It has more aggressive front and rear ends that improve aerodynamic performance, a new four-wheel steering system, and enhanced suspension, electronic, and driving mode systems that work together to make it more enjoyable to drive.

  • Nio EP9 Electric Supercar

    With a carbon fiber chassis that's 70% lighter than steel and an aerodynamic body that delivers insane grip the Nio EP9 Electric Supercar isn't just fast — it's one of the fastest EVs ever built. Its powertrain delivers one megawatt of power to the wheels, the equivalent of 1,342 hp. Four individual gearboxes and huge tires let it go from 0-124 mph in just 7.1 seconds and hit a top speed of nearly 195 mph, and a three-position active wing system works in concert with the body to give it twice the downforce of an F1 car. Custom brakes let you get the thing stopped in a hurry, an all-digital cockpit with multiple screens keep key info available at a glance, and the interchangeable battery system lets you log full days at the track — tracks like the Nurburgring, where the car posted an EV record-breaking lap of just 7 minutes and 05.12 seconds.

  • Rezvani Beast Alpha

    With a carbon fiber body and simple, driver-focused interior, the Rezvani Beast Alpha doesn't need a massive powerplant to deliver eye-popping performance. Instead, it's turbocharged 2.4L engine outputs 500 hp, enough to propel the sub-2,000 pound car from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds. Other signature features include an aggressive, aerodynamic body, a targa-style top, and crazy SideWinder doors that pop out and slide forward to provide entry.

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